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    Come with us for a unique culinary vacation in Spain!

   Our cooking holidays in spain promise to delight you with:

  •  -   Lovely accommodations and superb meals
  •  -   Cooking classes with top chefs in Catalan and Spanish cuisine
  •  -   Insiders visits to local culinary artisans and, of course,
  •  -  The wines of Spain – ready for you to sample and enjoy!

All set against the backdrop of the rich history and magnificence of northern Spain – Barcelona, Girona, the Empordá region with its preserved villages, the famous Costa Brava and the Emporda wine region.


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Testimonials on our cooking holidays in Spain:

 Mark, Barbra, Anti & Eva – 10 day Barcelona & Girona tour – Sept. – Oct. 2013

cooking holidays in spain“We were privileged to have had a chance to be again under your guidance on a 10-day tour of Barcelona and Catalonia (or Catalan as you say it) after a great tour in La Provence last year. 

You have this incredible skill of selecting and presenting experiences to us, which at the end always exceeded our expectations.  All these experiences were totally relevant to show the life in Catalan with depth of history, culture, scenery, way of living, the Cava and wines and of course the traditional food: the dishes, the markets, the fish auctions, … The range was astonishing: from little traditional Sunday chocolate treat in old town Barcelona to the wonderful NoNoNo restaurant’s incredible Osso Bucco, from ancient Jewish settlers’ life in Besalú to the magnificent cathedrals in old Girona, from one of Dali’s homes to Picasso museum, from Can Joan’s traditional Catalan rice dish to a fantastic dining experience at El Celler de Can Roca (voted #1 restaurant in the World). And then to top it all, there was your introduction of your friend Chef Vincenç at La Plaça in Madremanya; from his incredible tasting menu to cooking traditional Catalan dishes in his kitchen to welcoming us as his friends – what a privilege!

Finally, your highly personal and familial touch warmed us. Meeting your lovely wife Yuki and sampling her traditional Catalan dishes made us feel part of your family. Thank you from Eva, Antti, Barbra and Mark.”

Lizette and Gerda – South Africa -  April 2013 – Barcelona & Girona tour

cooking holidays in spain“It was the perfect holiday. Yvan was the perfect host, knowledgeable and taking us to visit the most interesting places, people and restaurants. The hotel in Madremanya was quaint with the friendliest staff. It was a special treat to share Vincenc’s kitchen. It was totally enjoyable yet relaxing and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to all foodies – a gastronomic feast! “

“We really did have a wonderful holiday and would recommend Spain taste to anyone wanting to visit Barcelona.”



Gourmet Catalonia – Barbara / May 2012

cooking holidays in spain
Spaintaste surpassed our wildest expectations. Yvan’s knowledge of the area, gourmet restaurants and Catalan food/wine made the Gourmet Catalonia tour perfect in every way. Yvan knows the local history of the towns and villages in the beautiful Spanish countryside and each day was a sightseeing adventure. Hotel La Placa is beautiful and our accommodations were wonderful. We were immediately made to feel at home. Vicenc, our host, the restaurant chef and cooking teacher, was terrific. Each class was engaging and fun and the food we cooked was delicious. I felt we were leaving good friends by the time the tour was over. It was a trip of a lifetime and I am savoring every memory….

About our cooking holidays in Spain:

Luxury accomodation, top chefs, great food, fabulous guides, delicious wine and great company all based in the beautiful location of Catalonia, Spain. If you love food and you want to experience the real cuisine of the Spanish then you should join our cooking holidays in Spain.

Here is a company that specializes in cooking tours to show you the area but at the same time introduce you to the tastes and styles of Spanish food through cookery classes, restaurant visits, wine tastings and behind the scenes knowledge of the foods.

This is all combined with excellent guides who will show you around beautiful places such as Barcelona and Girona and through understanding an area you understand the history of the food.

Each area in Spain will have their own version of a dish, so no paella is ever the same, it will depend on the region and the types of ingredients available and whilst the name is the same, the taste is quite different. The same applies to many other dishes and it is fascinating to know the how and why of the foods.

You can visit the Dali Museum, a must for everyone here in Spain, and then you can find yourself on the coast over looking the Mediterranean sea, et the famous Costa Brava. The preserved villages of Spain are quite beautiful and it is incredibly easy to forget what year you are actually in.

Spain Taste organizes cookery tours to various areas, the focus obviously on food, but also to demonstrate the wonders of true Spain which are a long, long way from some of the areas on the Costas. The true taste of Spain is often found in the tucked away bar in the pueblos your first clue is usually the aroma wafting through the streets, followed by the sound of “chatter” of local people that grows louder the closer you get.

Yvan started Spain Taste a few years ago, in 2005, with his wife who is a wine specialist and Yvan will be your guide and driver for the duration of your stay. His passion for Spanish food, in particular the older recipes, is what inspired him to start this business and share his findings with you.

There is so much history wrapped up in Spanish food. Catalan cuisine has had many influences, from the first Greek settlement in Ampurias, who taught the Iberians how to make wine, to the Romans, with their sensitivity for balancing the flavours. It was the Arabics and the Jews that were an important step in Catalan Cuisine’s history with their use of spices and flavourings. In the last centuries the major influence has come from French cuisine, which has helped the Catalan Chefs to be more subtle in the presentation, adapting the Tasting Menus in their own way, adding their Mediterranean art and originality which creates the wonderful foods you can experience on your trip with Spain Taste.


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