Paige and Andy Andrews –USA – Gourmet Catalonia Tour – October 2011

What a wonderful trip! You did an excellent job at thoughtfully planning out every detail of our trip. You have such a nice personal style Yvan, you are very caring and accommodating – you asked about food allergies (thank goodness we had none), about our need to stop at restrooms along the way, or if we were thirsty, or our need for breaks.
Our itineraries were planned with the right amount of activities and rest – what a great job of balancing our schedule.
Cooking classes were lots of fun! Vicenc made cooking seem easy. All of the thought and planning had been done, ingredients were all laid out and ready – now I know what it would be like to be a TV cooking personality.
Everything that we made was delicious and we are looking forward to making these dishes
with our friends and family.
Our accommodations at La Placa were just fabulous! Jaume was an excellent host, ensuring that the breakfast omelets were hot and available, to plenty of cava and vino to support our vacation fun.
The morning Jaume surprised all the women with freshly cut roses from his garden was such a nice touch from our Casanova-de Espana. I also appreciate the use of bicycles as the gastronomic tours did not disappoint with food quantity or quality – so a ride on the country roads to burn some calories was just great!
Food throughout the entire trip was fabulous – from the workman’s lunches, La Placa dinner, Girona meals, and certainly the dinner at El Cellar de Can Roca- each was unique and special in its own way.
This might be the first trip where we actually took as many pictures of food as we did anything else!
As I looked back at your website – you promised
?? Lovely accommodations and superb meals
?? Relaxed cooking classes with top Chefs in Catalan and Spanish cuisine
?? Insiders visits to local culinary artisans and
?? The wines of Spain to sample and enjoy
You delivered 100% on each of these promises and we had a GREAT time!
Thank you Yvan for such a memorable vacation, we have memories and pictures to last a lifetime!