Cooking holidays in Spain -


From 26th of January to 31st January 2014  -  GOURMET CATALONIA TOUR includes restaurant nº1 in the world 4 places available
From 10th of March to 15th March 2014  -  BARCELONA & GIRONA TOURNo vacancies
From 17th of March to 22nd March 2014  -  GOURMET CATALONIA TOURPlaces available
From 24th of March to 29th March 2014  Enquire
From 31st of April to 5th April 2014  Enquire
From 7th of April to 12th April 2014  Enquire
From 14th of April to 19th April 2014  Places available
From 21st of April to 26th April 2014  Places available
From 28 of April to 3rd May 2014Places available
From 19th of May to 24th May 2014  -  BARCELONA & GIRONA TOURPlaces available