Cooking holidays in Spain -

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Spain Taste Tours

How do I plan my trip?

If you are staying in Barcelona or Madrid before or after the tour we will be happy to suggest intereting visits and hotels. You only have to contact us at or call us at +34 619 52 72 77 for assistance.

Where do we meet on the first day of our Spain Taste tours?

Your Guide will meet you at the Barcelona Airport, or else if you are already in Barcelona, we can pick you up at your Hotel. Another interesting option is if you come from England, or any other country in Europe, as we have a small airport in Girona with most low cost flight Companies, we can pick you up there. The Girona airport is only 20 min from our main Hotel.

Where do we finish our tour?

We usually leave the hotel in the morning after a complete breakfast in order to arrive at the airort or toyour other hotel, hoping you have enjoyed our cooking tour.

Is English the basic language on our tours?

Yes. All our guides are English speaking, our tours are conducted in English and designed for an English speaking clientel. As most of our clients are from from the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

What is the weather going to be like in Catalonia?

The best weather in Catalonia for our cooking vacations is in Aril, May June, Sepember and October. The climate is very pleasant, with temperatures from 75-s to 85-s Fahrenheit. We can get some rain, tat doesn-t last very long. The evenings and nights get cooler, perfect for a good sleep. Our summers are very hot ad the area guets very touristy in July and August.

What is not included on my Tour?

On our tours we don’t include airfare or train fare, 1 lunch on Friday, guide and driver gratuities, personal purchases.

How should I tip during the trip?

At our restaurants you only have to tip if you want to, but here in Spain it would be about 5 percent. Youcan tip our guides if you are happy with them, about 50 euros per person. And usually about 20 euros to the driver.

Who are the Spain Taste tours designed for?

There is not an average age or type of guests coming on our tours, but most importantly they are all food and wine lovers. And they want to have fun, enjoy themselves and forget about work for a few days. We try to adat to all, if someone prefers to stay at the Hotel one day and relax by the pool we will leae him some good wine and local specialites to enjoy. First time travellers to Europe and independent travellers are all welcome. We welcome couples, individuals, women-s organizations, large groups, Universities trips, honeymoons…
You don-t need to e a culinary expert to come with us, and you are not obliged to cook during the cooking classes, but you will haveto taste our wines, as they are very well selected by us and our partners. Join us for a vacation of a lietime, and meet locals and peharps make new frinds.

Do I need to be a good cook to take your Spain Taste Tour?

Not at all. We will teach you, and you won-t be obliged to cook during our cooking classes. But if yu want to hav a more expert lesson for you, we can organze it. Just ask us.
Is wine included at meals? What kind of wines are included at meals?
Yes, well selected, usually local wines areall included on our tours. We have made a huge effort so allour wines are of a high quality, and we have never had any complaint about them.

Do I need to be fit to come on your tours?

No at all. But if you have problems to walk during the visits of Girona or Barcelona, where cars are not allowed, we will find a solution for you. Don-t worry about it. And if you want to cycle or hike we can also organize a special cycling or walking tour for you.

How should I pack? How should I expect to dress during the tour?

Please limit your luggage to one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on. Try not to over pack; you will not wear all your clothing! A suggested packing list will be enclosed in your tour information package. Pack comfortable light weight, casual clothing. It’s vacation and we want our guests to feel and be as comfortable as possible during our daily activities and excursions. Our dinners together include a mix of Michelin star and casual bistro style restaurants. For men we suggest a business casual ensemble (no tie or jacket necessary unless it’s your personal preference) and for women we recommend a casual dress for dinners.

What travel documents will I need for my Tour?

All travelers to France are required to have a valid passport. Please make 2 copies of your passport and personal identification before you depart. Keep one set of copies with you in a separate location from your travel documents, and leave the other set of copies with a contact at home before you depart. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please check with your consulate general for entry requirements.